With diverse musical backgrounds and influences, the Machine’s music is emotionally powerful and their performance is electrifying, with each member bringing their own unique musical experience into the mix and laying it all out with sincerity and passion. From the muddy streets of old Toronto, to the sky-scraping metropolis it has become, long live the blues!

The Muddy York Blues Machine’s self-titled debut EP, released November 5, 2022, it delivers a collective of original and well-crafted covers rooted in the blues, but uniquely showcasing a little of each of its members’ musical life journey. With hints of jazz, funk, rock, and country, this EP is sure to please the traditional, as much as the eclectic ear.

The band has had the pleasure of performing in some of the best blues and jazz venues in Toronto such as Hugh’s Room, The Joint, The Black Swan, Blackjack BBQ, Relish, Blues Sunday at the Linsmore, and The Emmet Ray. Having started their musical journey right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, their live performances had to take a bit of a break, but they are back, with upcoming shows in Ontario and looking to build out an album release tour, in 2023.

The Muddy York Blues Machine are: Veronica McNamee – lead vocals, Kirk Reed – guitar/lead vocals, backup vocals, Kevin Ellis – bass/backup vocals, Kevin Costa – drums/percussion, Douglas Nowlan – keys.